Human Resource Lead

Your role in one sentence

As the Human Resource Lead, you will oversee the human resources management functions across the organization.

Working relationship & Location:

  • Reporting: You will report directly to the CEO (based between Ghana and the USA) and receive support from the Finance Manager (based in Ghana) on payroll related tasks.
  • Role Type: This is a full-time role. 
  • Location: You will work remotely and will be required to visit company locations as needed. Current company office locations are Gbawe in Greater Accra, Nsawam in Eastern Region, and New Longoro in Bono East. 

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Full-time role with competitive starting gross salary;
    • For first 3 months probation: GHS 2812.50/month
    • Post probation: after probation performance & business review: GHS 3,750/month 
    • Company statutory retirement contribution: 13% of gross salary per month
    • Company provident fund contribution: 0.5% of gross salary per month
  • Perks
    • All-expense-paid company travel
    • All-expense-paid professional development opportunity
    • Paid Vacation/year: 15 days
    • Paid Casual Leave/year: 5 days
    • Health Coverage up to 500 GHS/year reimbursed
  • Tools (if needed)
    • Company Laptop
    • Company Phone


  • Documentation
    • Maintain up-to-date database on employee and related records including but not limited to:
      • ID card
      • Employment Agreement
      • NDA & Invention Assignment
      • Health Insurance
      • Bank/MoMo Payment Details
      • Queries/Strikes
      • Performance Reviews
    • Track team attendance, late penalties, leave days
    • Review, develop, implement, and keep up to date HR strategies, systems, procedures across the organization in line with the business strategy
  • Recruitment
    • Support the writing of JDs and any related research needed on the best practices for a role, and weed-out questions to use in the JD that is circulated
    • Make the external recruitment documents, forms, and links for circulation
    • Coordinate recruitment sourcing, headhunting, screening, interviewing, assessment testing, and selection to fill open positions
    • Coordinate schedule for interview appointments
    • Conduct first round interviews and take notes during all follow on interviews with the supervisor hiring for the role
  • Onboarding
    • Duplicate and set up the onboarding spreadsheet for staff
    • Complete HR related onboarding tasks and keep both the new hire and their supervisor accountable to complete their respective onboarding tasks
  • Retention
    • Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system, salary, and benefits program that drives high performance
    • Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation, and preservation of human capital
    • Nurture a positive working environment, bridge management, and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances, or other issues
    • Assess staff training needs to apply and monitor training programs
    • Coordinate planning of team building events and company-wide events (eg. retreats, parties, excursions)
    • Coordinate announcements of team member birthdays, gifts on personal life events (wedding, birth, funeral), staff awards, and promotions
  • Exit
    • Ensure termination letters are written and delivered to staff and related conversations happen between supervisor and reports
    • Conduct exit interviews
    • Ensure handovers are completed, reviewed, and shared with affected individuals before the last date of a resignation or termination
    • Remove outgoing staff access from company tools/systems (eg Slack, Gmail, Google Drive, linkedin, etc)
  • Payroll
    • Regular Staff
      • Make sure payroll spreadsheet is up to date
        • Add new employees and remove old ones
        • Update employee payment details, if applicable
        • Calculate and include all other incomes - sales commissions, transportation allowances, medical allowances
        • Calculate and include all deductions - lunch, loans and advances, credit union contributions and loans, and other deductions.
      • Upload spreadsheet payroll into Cadana app
      • Confirm that Cadana payroll matches spreadsheet and approve payroll for processing
      • Request Finance to disburse total net pay to Cadana
      • Request Finance Manager to issue final approval on Cadana
    • Casual Staff
      • Request casual labor pay schedule from manufacturing managers
      • Calculate working hours and total pay for other casual workers (Security officer, etc.)
      • Prepare casual labour payroll spreadsheet
    • Statutory: support Finance team with SSNIT, GRA, Petra
  • HR Compliance
    • Ensure legal compliance across all human resource management procedures
    • Maintain knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources, talent management, and employment law.
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Send well wishes on milestones, and gifts on birthdays and holidays to key external stakeholders
    • Coordinate planning of investor visits, visas, in-country logistics, and trip related tasks
  • General & Administration
    • Coordinate company email, Slack, & WhatsApp: news updates, reminders for deadlines (eg. Weekly Leader Meeting, Performance Reviews), USA and Ghana holidays, etc
    • Update HR & Admin slides and scorecards for weekly company meetings
    • Supervise janitorial staff
    • Ensure company devices/gadgets, office structure, furniture, amenities are in excellent condition. Track item quantities, document malfunctions/damage/stolen, and coordinate repairs and replacements as needed
    • Demonstrate company values of Passion, Integrity, Excellence, and Reliability (PIER)
    • Perform other responsibilities related to this role as needed by the company and executive team

In the first month, you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Hubspot, Calendly, Cadana, & Canva
  • Maintain database of vendors, associates, and external contacts
  • Review and improve current systems for attendance, leave, meetings, JD, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, and roll out changes to the team
  • Support the writing of JDs for upcoming roles we will hire in Q3 and Q4 2022
  • Coordinate at least one investor visit
  • Support hiring of at least two roles

In the first quarter (three months), you will:

  • Manage all hiring and performance management functions
  • Facilitate payroll processing by liaising with the Finance department
  • Champion all other roles detailed in your job responsibilities

Apply now:

This is a rolling hire (i.e. applications are being reviewed in real-time) so apply ASAP before the role is filled. Kindly apply by filling out this form link

Kindly note that you will be required to sign in with a Google account, as well as upload your resume/CV, and cover letter. Our team will be in touch once your submission is received.